Rehearsals for the ICF

Hello Dancers,

We have the ICF coming this Saturday and need to get several dances up and running.  So this is a call to all my students to let me know if you can perform one of our past class numbers sometime during the day.  We are performing three times so there is plenty of performance opportunities.  Rehearsal times:

Tuesday 7pm–LC Zill

Tuesday 8pm–Gypsy and Saudi Women’s Dance

Wednesday 8pm–Saudi Women’s Dance

Thursday 7 & 8pm–Beledi Breeze and Desert Breeze will be held for rehearsal during your normal class times.

I am also looking for VOLUNTEERS, the most amazing people on the planet, to come sit in the booth with us during the day to help with our fun kiddy projects like names in hieroglyphics and Egyptian tick tack toe.  Let me know asap in you can help out.



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