Song Lyrics

Long Course Veil Fall 2012

“Gitti Gedeli” by Tarkan

Give up, don’t go on my heart
Give up, don’t wait,
No one hears your voice,
Don’t reproach in vain,
Forget like her, you forget too…
How many times I tried; to erase you in one go,
What use…
How many times I’ve died in those sleepless nights…
I consoled myself with memories all these years
Always by my bedside, I still save,
each wounding word in those lines
No! I couldn’t tear and throw them away.
No I couldn’t burn them.
Since she’s gone, leaving that letter
She’s never asked, never looked for me
Disloyal, she tricked me,
Time has stopped here,
Oh she didn’t return, she forgot me.
One morning you took yourself away from me and left this place
A tragic letter left as a souvenir
My last memory of you to me


Long Course Zill Fall 2012

Hüp (Hüp is an sound)

If there is a way from hearth to hearth
It’s definitly love
Your air was enough for me
All hell broke loose
Open your door, I am here
What I wear is a shirt of fire

I’ll nurture you with birds milk
I’ll smell you for parfume
The mansions of my hearth are yours
Make me cry, I’ll still love you
I’ll hold you up on a pedestal
I’ll rock you to sleep on my lap
The mansions of my hearth are yours
You, I’ll make you feel alive
Hold me by the hand, take me away
With a ‘Hüp’ pull me into you

Walls are not merely made of stone
Write that down somewhere
If I can hold someone in bed
Sleep will not enter my eyes
I don’t care for the world
I’ve become stir crazy for you

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