Class Descriptions

All classes are for 15 and up.


“I always wanted to learn to Belly Dance!” So you want to get back in touch with how your body moves? Don’t want to face the kill or be killed mentality of gyms with everyone watching you? Give BELLY DANCE a try! Your age, your size, your job, having no dance experience or danced professionally and want to get back into a dance form that won’t hurt but actually helps your body, Belly Dance is waiting for you!  Belly Dance loves your body and will help you reconnect to the glorious movements your body is capable of creating. Janna’s Ongoing Beginner Belly Dance Casses mean you can start anytime during the 10 & 12 week programs. No special dance gear needed, just wear something stretchy to class. No street clothes or jeans. We go barefooted or you can wear socks. All Beginner Classes are sequential. Give Janna a call if you have any questions: 757-871-7594

$100 for 10 week class session.

$140 for 12 week class session.

Zills are a love/hate relationship.  But once you learn to play them and dance at the same time, its all about the love.  Janna’s proven method of Belly Dance technique and her one of a kind instruction on how to play Zills will have you in love with your cymbals in now time.  Long Course Zill classes require completion of the 12 week Basic Belly Dance and at least one of the Intermediate Short Course Zill Classes and/or Instructor permission to advance to the Long Course.

Veils are beautiful, flowing and like colorful clouds dancing around you and are one of the iconic Belly Dance props for you to fall in love with while you dance.  Long Course Veil classes are taught at the intermediate level and require completion of the 12 week Beginner Belly Dance Class and Instructor permission to advance.  The class features a fully stages dance that will be performed in the end of the semester Hafla.

  • The Short Course is a 8 week long class that will focus on the use of the two most popularly used props in Belly Dance, the Veil and Zills or finger cymbals in a short dance. Rising Intermediates must complete at least 1 short course in the use of  the featured prop before advancing to long courses classes.
  • Long Course classes are semester long and focus on more advanced use of the featured prop and fully staged dances that are performed in the end of semester Hafla.  Level appropriate costumes are required to dance in the show and are the students responsibility. Don’t worry, we teach how to make costumes too!

Tribal Fusion is taught at the Intermediate Level and has the same requirements as the Intermediate Zill and Veil courses.  The style of Tribal taught is  “Urban” Tribal and applies the movements from both Basic Belly Dance, modern dance, hip hop, east Indian, and many other dance styles in a choreography that is performed in the end of semester Hafla.

Requires both Intermediate Level Long Courses and Instructor permission to attend. The Advanced class is designed to challenge the dancer and  improve technique to the professional level.  Class may include Veil, Zills, Folkloric styles, and personal/professional level costumes that are the dancers responsibility.  The dance learned in this class is preformed in the end of semester Hafla and other dance performances.

PROP CLASS and SUMMER THEMED DANCE  In Belly Dance the two most common props are the Veil and Zills.  Each has its own class at Janna’s.  There are many other lesser known but just as exciting props that can be found in Belly Dance.  Session will focus on one or more props and will be used in a fully staged choreography that will be presented in the end of session performance.  Students are responsible for purchase or making of any props or costumes used in this class.

All dance company’s at Janna’s are by invitation only.  New participants are notified at the beginning of each semester as to their eligibility.  Company members perform at the Halfa, Student Nights, and other dance performances.

Created by Dalia Carrella and Mesmera with a little bit of Janna’s style thrown in for good measure, Gypsy is a fun, playful, variation on Classic Belly Dance style that lets you express your inner Gypsy! Taught at the Intermediate level, students will need to purchase and bring to class a very full dance skirt.

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