New Classes Start This Week!

Check out the New Classes Starting at Janna’s International Dance Studio!

7:30pmSHORT COURSE VEIL for Rising Intermediates   $60 for 6 weeks
June 19–Wednesday
Class requires completion of the 12 week Basic Belly Dance and Instructor permission to advance. The Short Course is a 6 week long class that will focus on the use of one of the most popularly used props in Belly Dance, the Veil, in a short dance. Veils available for purchase at Janna’s or bring your own.  Contact Janna for details. 

6pm–YOGA  $30 for 6 weeks
June 19–Wednesday

We have some guest instructors that are an exciting new addition to Janna’s Yoga staff during this session! If you haven’t tried Yoga this is a fantastic time to do so.  The health benefits of Yoga extend to all parts of your body and life.  Don’t take that stress from your work day home with you!  This easy, user friendly class is designed to help you let go of the hassles of the day so you can enjoy your evening.  Our Certified Hatha Yoga instructor will gently guide you through each stretch at your level and demonstrate upper level stretches for those of you who have yoga experience. Drop in’s welcome.  Bring a Yoga mat.

6 weeks of 12 week package only $48
Belly Dance is a fun, energetic way to exercise your body at any age and size.  Basic Belly Dance technique will be taught, focusing on correct  dance posture, strengthening movements for the legs, stomach, and arms.  Each week’s focus will be on different movements that will lead to the Intermediate level classes. No dance experience required.  Wear workout clothes to class such as yoga or sweat pants and a t shirt; no jeans or street clothes, and bear feet, socks or soft soled dance shoes.

ark Your Calendars for our
Summer Hafla
“Dances to a Different Drum 2013”
August 3, 8pm
Jamestown Theater
200 Hubbard Street,
Williamsburg, VA
$10 per seat Register online 24/7 at

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