Get ready for Mid Summer Classes at Janna’s by registering now!  Classes in YOGA, BELLY DANCE, HULA, BABY HULA, MOTHER and DAUGHTER BELLY DANCE, AMERICAN TRIBAL BELLY DANCE (ATS), and SALSA and BALLROOM MINI’S start again the week of May 19.   Check below for exact start times and dates.  Go to our calendar and find the start date for complete descriptions of classes.

YOGA for HEALTH & STRESS RELIEF-May 19 5:15pm $48 for 6 weeks

FOLLOW THE LEADER BELLY DANCE (ATS)-June 7 6pm $48 for 6 weeks.  Slow Moves.

BEGINNER BELLY DANCE-June 9  6pm $48 for 6 weeks

BEGINNER BELLY DANCE-June 11 10am  $48 for 6 weeks

MOTHER & DAUGHTER BELLY DANCE-for ages 5-12 June 11 11am $55 for 4 weeks per couple

BABY HULA-Ages 3-6 June 10 5:30pm $40 for 6 30 minute classes

HULA FOR ADULTS and TEENS-June 10 6pm Ages 12 and up $48 for 6 weeks

SALSA MINI-June 12 5pm $40 for 4 weeks per person

BALLROOM  MINI-featuring the “Rumba” 6pm $40 for 4 weeks per person

Call the number above or send us a note through the contact button if you have any questions!





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