Intro to Herbal Work: How to make Boo Boo Balm


WHEN: April 28, 2-4pm
WHERE: Janna’s International Dance Studio
COST: $35
Introduction to Herbal Work: Guest Instructor Linda Sager Kazalski will lead you through this hands-on workshop where you will be making infusions and de-coctions, infused oils, discussing tinctures and creams, and making Boo-Boo Balm, an all-purpose herbal salve for minor skin wounds, bruises, and rashes that we all adore at J.I.D.S.

You will be taking home a 4-ounce tin of Boo-Boo Balm ($20.00 value). Additionally, you will have your choice of a couple of medicinal teas to take home: MobiliTea (assists with joint and muscular pain) or Winter Warming Tea (a good winter tonic specifically aimed at the symptoms of colds and flu) (2-ounce package, $6.95 value)

About the Instructor: Linda Sager Kazalski, (sometimes called Bryghteyez or Sineag MhicDàibhidh) was born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of rural upstate New York. She’s been a tree-hugging dirt-worshipper, a political activist and general trouble-maker. She is an herbalist and owns Brighid’s Forge Herbals. She has been studying medicinal and magical herbalism since her teens, and has taught workshops in both, as well as energy work and other subjects, locally and at festivals.

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