Dances to a Different Drum 2012 Rehearsal Schedule

Our Rehearsal will be on Friday, August 17 for Dances to a Different Drum at the Williamsburg Players Theater.  As usual, we have a limited amount of time to run dances on the stage, so don’t be late.  If you are, just like before, we cannot go back to any numbers, so be sure to be at the theater at least two dance slots before yours.    If you have previously danced in all aspects of your costume, you do not need to wear it.   If you have changed any part of it, be sure to take this opportunity to dance test your costume.  And don’t forget any props you need for your dances!

Rehearsal Times:

6-6:30pm–Set up and Tech rehearsal
6:30pm–All Hula Classes
7pm–Long Course Veil
7:40pm–Long Course Zill
8:20pm–Beledi Breeze
9pm–Desert Breeze
9:20–Solos and other dance numbers not covered by class times.

Dances to a Different Drum 2012 will be on August 18 @ 8pm, doors open at 7:30pm, cost is $5 per seat-festival seating.

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