Belly Dance for Beginners Starts Thursday April 20!

So you want to get back in touch with how your body moves?  Don’t want to face the kill or be killed mentality of gyms with everyone watching you?  Give BELLY DANCE a try!  Your age, your size, your job, having no dance experience or danced professionally, Belly Dance loves your body and will help you reconnect to the glorious movements it is capable of creating.  Both of Janna’s ongoing classes mean you can start anytime during the 12 week program.  Take one day a week or both.  Even just one day a week of Belly Dance will bring out a whole new you.  No special dance gear needed, just wear something stretchy to class.  No street clothes or jeans.  We go barefooted or you can wear socks.  Give Janna a call if you have any questions:  757-871-7594

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