American Tribal Style Belly Dance Classes

American Tribal Style Belly Dance Classes **NEW**
755 Thimble Shoals, Suite C
Newport News, VA 23606

So what is ATS?

American Tribal Style (ATS) Bellydance is a modern style of dance created by Carolena Nericcio (FatChance BellyDance) in San Francisco, CA.  ATS pulls from classic Egyptian style steps and folkloric dances of North Africa and India.  It is best described as “synchronized structured improvisation.”  ATS dancers use signals and cues which transition to other specific dance steps.  In this fashion, the group can follow a lead dancer who is giving cues and leading the group to transition into a series of steps … yes, it’s a completely improvisational dance!  You’ll never get the same ATS performance twice!  The beauty of ATS is that any ATS trained dancer can jump into dancing with any other ATS trained dance group seamlessly because it’s a completely structured dance style and everyone trained with the same cues and transitions. ATS is not Tribal Fusion, it’s not Cabaret, it’s not Folkloric, it’s an exciting style all it’s own.

Join us for a sample class on Saturday, Jan. 24 at 1pm

Current Students at Janna’s are welcome to take the class for only $5
New students and All others:  $10

Bring a full skirt if you have one!

If you like what you do on Jan. 24, apply the sample class fee to our new 6-week introduction to ATS class on Saturdays at 1pm – it’s a blast to dance and it’s open to all students, any level … even beginners! Class will be divided into 2 6-week session featuring Slow ATS Combinations and Fast ATS Combinations.

ATS – Slow Combinations:
Jan. 24-Feb. 28  $48 for 6 week course
ATS – Slow Combinations:
Mar. 1-Apr. 11  $48 for 6 week course

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