Hello Dancers!
The Summer Hafla was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the show.  So now its time to get started on the Fall/Holiday show with new and exciting dances at Janna’s International Dance Studio. 

If you haven’t started beginner belly dance classes, take a look at our new unlimited package.  Unlimited basic/beginner level classes for only $60 a month! 

NOTE:  New times and days for Advanced and Urban Tribal! 

See you in class!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
FALL SEMESTER Starts AUGUST 17, 2015       **Note***   NEW Times    and Classes!!
6pm GYPSY 6:00pm         SWORD CLASS 
5:30pm ZUMBA 6pm BEGINNER BELLY DANCE               -Ongoing Classes- 5-7pm             IRISH STEP private lessons 10am                         BEGINNER BELLY DANCE                     -Ongoing Classes- 5pm                   SALSA      4 Weeks
                                           6:30pm           YOGA 7pm                               BELEDI BREEZE & HOLIDAY THEMED  7:30pm           TBA 6pm                         BALLROOM   4 Weeks
                                        8pm ADVANCED CLASS 8pm                    URBAN TRIBAL 8:00pm                             SHORT COURSES VEIL/ZILL 8pm DESERT BREEZE & DESERT WIND DANCE COMPANY Unlimited Beg and Short Course Plan -Only $60 mth- call for details!
Call: 871-7594 for more information FALL CLASSES 2015 Minimum numbers required for all classes to be held Completion of Level I Classes and Instructor Permission to advance to Intermediate Classes
Long Course Short Course Company Class 4 week course Specialty Class

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